Your grade will be determined by 2 factors, each of which demonstrate what you have learned or know.

    1)   Quizzes (35% of overall grade) – primarily covers 2-4 sections of the book and they are usually announced; occasionally quizzes over group activity or “pop” quiz.

    2)   Test (65% of overall grade) – covers one chapter test (except final), and will be announced in the week prior to the test.

    Notice, homework is not a part of your grade. However, homework will be assigned daily and  doing your assignment is an important component for learning the material and succeeding in class. In order to acknowledge a student’s effort for completing their homework I will allow a student to earn back or make-up points on a quiz or test if they score below a 75%.  This will be available if the student has completed each of their daily assignments covering the sections for that quiz or test (must be complete prior to the quiz or test).  The make-up points must be earned back within two lunch periods of receiving your scored quiz/test.  You can earn up to a 75% on that quiz or test. This policy works well for some students and is challenging for others.

     ** If you have two or fewer absences (school activity absences do not count) at the end of the semester, you may drop your lowest test/quiz grade (except for the final).  Also, each tardy equals ½ an absence.