New Applicant Instructions

  • Before You Begin

    • Each job posting lists application documents required for that position (such as cover letter, resume, transcripts, reference letters, etc.). Have the required materials ready in an electronic format and saved on your computer or a flash drive so you can upload them during the application.
    • Chrome is the most compatible browser.  Generally Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. are not compatible for completing the online application.

    Creating an Applicant Account

    • On the Employee Opportunities page, locate the job posting of the position to which you are applying.
    • Select the Apply button (located at the bottom of the right column of the job posting). This will bring up the Applicant Login screen.
    • Select Create New Account.
    • Choose a username and password. Complete all required fields and select Create Account.
    • The application system will ask you to verify your email address and answer security questions.
    • Once the account is set up, you will be directed to the top of the online application.

    Completing your Application

    • Please follow the instructions on each of the screens to complete the application.
    • At the bottom of each page, select either the Next Section link to proceed or select Save For Later link to complete the application at a later time.
    • Please pay close attention to areas requiring specific date and phone number formatting.  Example:  mm/dd/yyyy or 406-000-0000
    • Continue through the entire application, completing every section that is required.  These sections are highlighted in the color red.
    • Some positions require the upload of attachments - cover letter, resume, transcripts, reference letters, license, etc.
      • Select the browse button to find the applicable document.
      • Select the applicable document.
      • If additional documents need to be uploaded in an applicable area, select the add another link and proceed following the same instructions outlined above.
    • Once all sections of the application are complete, select review application.
    • The initial instructions screen will appear.  Scroll through the document to review all sections of the application and make changes as needed.
    • FINAL STEP - select the Submit Application link for the application to be submitted and received.
      • Once submitted, a confirmation email is sent to the email provided when registering.


  • Contact Information:

    For questions, please call the Human Resources Department, (406)728-2400, ext. 1035 or visit the office located in the Administration Building, 909 South Ave W Building A, Missoula, MT 59801.