STAR 360

  • What are the STAR 360 Assessments?

    STAR 360 features three computer-adaptive assessments-STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, and STAR Math-designed to measure students' overall achievement in early literacy, reading, and math.  Also included is STAR Custom, which allows teachers to create customized tests to assess student master of specific skills.

    Computer-adaptive tests continually adjust the difficulty of your child's test by choosing each test question based on responses to previous questions.  This saves testing time and spares your child the frustration of items that are too difficult and the boredom of items that are too easy.

    What are the STAR 360 asssessments used for?

    The STAR 360 assessments are often used to screen students for their reading and math achievement levels.  STAR Early Literacy assessments help educators monitor students' growing literacy skills and students' progress toward becoming independent readers.  The STAR 360 assessments can also be used to monitor student growth throughout the year, to estimate students' understanding of state standards, and predict students' performance on the state test.  In addition, STAR 360 can help teachers determine appropriate instructional levels and skills that are ready to learn.

    Unleashing the Power of Literacy by Dr. Gene Kearns: Educator, Author, and Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance. As an expert in assessment, cognitive research, educational leadership, integrated curriculum, learning progressions, personalized learning, Response to Intervention, and the science of expertise, Dr. Kerns is a highly sought-after presenter.


23-24 STAR Testing Windows

    • Fall: Aug 29-Sep 29
    • Winter: Jan 2-26
    • Spring: May 6-31

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