What are Curriculum Standards?

  • Academic content standards are the general knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students are expected to acquire as a result of teaching and learning (DuFour, 2016). Standards articulate the guaranteed and viable curriculum of MCPS. 
    There are national and state standards that direct our curriculum development. 

    What are Prioritized Standards?

    Academic content standards are often complex and densely worded standards that describe the outcomes for each content area and each student (DuFour, 2016). Because standards can articulate far more than what is possible to teach in a given academic year, Professional Learning Communities must prioritize these standards and recognize the importance of distilling the broad standards down to a manageable, concise instructional approach. Upon prioritizing standards through a guided process, teams can allocate the majority of instructional time to the knowledge and skills that will be most valuable over time.
    Criteria for Prioritized Standards are:
    • Endurance: Knowledge and skills that will last beyond a class or course.
    • Leverage: Knowledge and skills that cross over into many domains of learning.
    • Readiness:Knowledge and skills important to subsequent content or courses.
    • Assessment: Knowledge and skills will be assessed on state or district assessments.

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