Balanced Assessment

  • MCPS is committed to building a balanced assessment system that is made up of a variety of assessment measures that meet the information and decision-making needs of all stakeholders in the classroom, school building, and district office. With high-quality, accurate assessments, users can depend on the data gleaned from the assessments to make informed decisions that improve teaching quality as well as student learning and outcomes. (Chappuis et al., 2016) A coordinated effort between national, state, and local assessments can serve two purposes: (1) formative purposes to help learners and teachers see how to do better the next time; and (2) summative purposes to ensure that learners and teachers have met the learning requirements. Together, both formative and summative assessments are used to ensure a balanced assessment system that meets the information and decision-making needs for all users of MCPS.
    There are national and state assessments that provide the foundation for our balanced assessment system.

Professional Reading

     Balanced Assessment System
    MCPS Building Principals PLC is currently reading Balanced Assessment Systems, provided by Corwin, to inform our development of a balanced assessment system that promotes both formative and summative assessment practices.