• Big Sky Physics: Linear Motion


    1. I can measure and report data in SI with valid precision (sig. figs.)
    2. I can evaluate human reaction used to measure time.
    3. I can mechanically measure time and position. (ticker tape lab on investigation template)
    4. I can use time and position to graph and calculate instantaneous velocity and average velocity. (ticker tape lab)
    5. I can use time and velocity to graph and calculate acceleration. (ticker tape lab)
    6. I can analyze moving objects for displacement and change in velocity. (problem sets)
    7. I can determine initial velocity and final velocity of accelerating objects. (problem sets)
    8. I can use a “picket fence” and photo-gate to collect and analyze data from falling objects. (“Galileo’s Assistant” lab)
    9. I can explain how objects fall. (“Galileo’s Assistant” lab.