• High School Students Working Together Here you will find information about our program and resources for supporting our English learners on the road to academic success.   


    Our Vision

    Empowering ELL students with the skills they need to pursue their future careers and passions,in order to make a positive contribution to their own community and the world. 
    Our Mission

    We support English Language Learners (ELL) in achieving academic and social success in our schools and embracing the culture of our community while preserving their own culture, language and identity.


    Core Beliefs

    • We believe the entire school community is responsible for the success of English Language Learners.  
    • We believe the diversity of student languages and cultures are an asset to our school community.
    • We believe every student is entitled to quality instruction that gives them access to the concepts and content that are necessary for high school graduation. 

Becoming an ELL Volunteer

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