Math is hard! Everyone that has done math has struggled with it. EVERYONE! Success in math, no matter who you are, takes diligence. It is a LEARNED skill. More mathematical understanding means more power to understand and manipulate the world around you.

Remember, though, just like language, math was created by humans to communicate. Also just like language, we can create and manipulate as long as we follow some basic rules that everyone agrees on (kind of like the rules of grammar in language). Math is a learned skill and ANYONE can learn it. Math IS hard. But, it’s rewarding and MATH PAYS!
Here are a couple relevant articles. I don't agree with absolutely everything in these articles, but they do contain some powerful ideas I do agree with which are 1) anyone can do math with hard work and 2) more math in high school means more chance at success later in life.
Ability in Math is the Product of Hard Work