• Integrated Science 1 Unit 1: Earth Systems Science

    Learning Targets


    1. I can write a testable question and generate a valid hypothesis (prediction) and differentiate between the two.
    2. I can write a sequential plan for an investigation.
    3. I can carefully gather accurate data with proper units.
    4. I can demonstrate graphing design (placement of dependent and independent variables/scaling/units/titles/labels/graph types).
    5. I can use my graph to identify and interpret trends in data.
    6. I can justify and defend conclusions based on evidence.
    7. I can use and interpret a topographic map.
    8. I can create a topographic (contour) map.
    9. I can make observations and use them to create a landform and land use assessment of Slevin’s Island.
    10. I can calculate biodiversity index.
    11. I can collect and interpret river flow and macroinvertebrate data from the Bitterroot River and Slevin’s Slough.
    12. I can create a poster, powerpoint, or paper that fully describes the process and results of an investigation of the effects of one environmental factor on the distribution or diversity of life on Slevin’s Island.