What is a PTA Classroom Liaison?

  • Pondering on volunteering to be a 'PTA Classroom Liaison' in your child's classroom?  It is an amazing way to be involved in your child's school and classroom while allowing our teachers focus on being a teacher!  The PTA has a goal of having 2 room parents in each classroom for the 2016-17 school year.

    What is a PTA Classroom Liaison?  A PTA Liaison facilitates communication between parents and parent teacher organization (PTA) and supports the PTA in needs that may arise. This facilitation can take many different forms and can require anything from a minor volunteer commitment shared with other parents to a large responsibility depending on your desire to get involved. (This role is separate from any in-class role.  The teacher may have in-class volunteers or "party volunteers" and will coordinate these volunteers themselves.)

    I'm a PTA Classroom Liaison, now what?

    • Send home a letter with children in order to collect the names, emails and phone numbers of all the parents in the class.
    • Recruit other parents to help!
    • Meet with other room parents and/or the school’s room parent organizer on a regular or occasional basis.
    • Alternate attendance (or attend all, if desired) Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings.
    • Find volunteers to help at PTA Events, if needed.
    • Send out reminders—via email, phone or notes that go home with the kids—about upcoming events, meetings, and needs for donations or volunteers.
    • Act as a resource by answering questions for parents

    For questions regarding being a PTA Liaison, please contact PTA via email.