Inspire Grant Program

  • The Paxson PTA invites you to “Show your love” for our teachers.  Each fall we donate $10 per student to each classroom for those extras that our teacher’s budgets don’t cover.  But what if teachers could get funds for bigger items or innovative projects that inspire our students’ passions even more? 

    Join us in supporting our INSPIRE Grants Program.  Our teachers and students have great ideas; let’s help them put those in place.  This grant program will allow teachers to apply for funds for a classroom need from something as small as new pens to books to microscopes.

    To make a contribution, please drop off your donation at the front desk or visit our donation page here.


    • 1st grade end of year fitness celebration to Parks and Rec program (for all 81 first graders)
    • Supplementary Reading Books for 3rd grade classrooms
    • 4th grade Visiting Naturalist Program with 2 day long field trips (for all 78 4th graders)
    • 3rd Grade Science Standards Program thru Animal Wonders

    Teachers, Below is the grant application. Please ask us questions, give us feedback, and apply!

    INSPIRE Grant application