Playground Enhancement Project

  • Have you heard about our PTA sponsored lunch recess PEP Can? It is a container filled with fun, all-inclusive games created by a Missoula mom. We love our PEP Can! Ask your children about it! We are looking for volunteers to spend time with the Paxson kindergarten through 5th grade students and facilitate the PEP Can activities throughout the lunch recess. Our awesome PEP Can Facilitator Sandy Ammons, currently covers Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday recess from 11-1, but we hope to pull it out more often!   

    If you are interested in volunteering for PEP Can, please sign-up for a day (or multiple days!) on the Volunteer Spot website: There is more detailed information listed below for PEP Can volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Leeds at


    Here's more information about the Playground Enhancement Project - PEP!


    Information for PEP Can Volunteers:

     Prior to volunteering, please:

    1. Borrow and watch the PEP Can video from Paxson (see binder at front office)
    2. Sign up for a volunteer spot (11:00-1:00 M, T, W, or F) on the Volunteer Spot website:
    3. Please make sure you have completed the necessary forms for volunteering (unsupervised) at a Missoula County Public School:

    On your volunteer day, please:

    1. Sign in at the front office & get a name tag
    2. Get the key to the PEP Can storage, bring the PEP Can to the playground & put on your PEP Can vest
    3. Once the students arrive:
      • show them how to choose and play PEP Can games
      • assist them in teaching others and modeling game-playing etiquette such as inclusion, respect, and cooperation
      • teach ways to proactively prevent conflicts, resolve simple disputes, and maintain game integrity
    4. Gather equipment, return PEP Can to storage & return key, sign out at the front office

     THANK YOU for volunteering to help with PEP Can!

Playground Quote

  • "Play is the realm of all children, how they naturally learn and practice a wide variety of life skills. Play provides people of all ages with opportunities to learn more about themselves and the world around them. At this important developmental time, cooperative games provide children with non-intimidating opportunities for engaging positively with their peers while exercising their bodies and minds." -Teresa Jacobs, founder of PEP