• Hello Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to Chief Charlo Health Enhancement.  I look forward to working with your son or daughter in PE.  I like to teach my students skills when it comes to certain sports such as football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and Lacrosse.  I try and stay away from playing organized games with specific sports.  I like to see my students get the skill down first.  I also like to do different gym games with my students in gym.  We will play games such as sharks & minnows, line freeze tag, Red light/Green light and many more gym games.  Class will also consist of some rope climbing, balance beam, tumbling, pull up bar, scooter boards, hula hoops, jump roping, stations and some capture the flag.    

    I have some rules to gym but am pretty laid back when it comes to it.  The only rule that matters to your son or daughter is Gym SHOES!!!!  Please make sure you send your child with a pair of good gym shoes.  My rule is if you don't have gym shoes you will sit out and lose 1/2 of your points.  I give 4 points per class, so if a student  has to sit out because of shoes then they are receiving an F for that class period.   Now that I have said that and when grades come out and your child has a low grade in PE, it is usually because of the shoe rule.  The Winter time is usually the worst.  SO PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH GYM SHOES!!!!!!
    Mr. Hammett 
    email - ddhammett@mcpsmt.org
    ext - 4967