• Ms. McGibben and MiloHello Future First Graders and Families!

    Please check out the "Meet the Teacher" page to learn a little more about me. I am so excited to be joining the Rattlesnake community. Teachers have been busy getting rooms set up and we are all anxiously awaiting your arrival next week. 

    Parents, please bookmark this page and check it often for updates. Please also be on the lookout for messages delivered to your email via Blackboard Connect - they often end up in Spam.   

    I hope you can attend the Open House on Monday evening. Please bring your school supplies, be wearing your masks, and plan to spend 10-15 minutes in our space for a quick meet and greet. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My email is cmcgibben@mcpsmt.org

    See you soon!

    Ms. McGibben


  • Happy Autumn!

    Posted by Clarke McGibben on 9/24/2021 4:10:00 PM

    Hello First Grade Families, 

    Happy Autumn! This week, the children created beautiful fall leaves from construction paper. We will be adding them to our branches in the classroom to bring the season inside with us! Below are a few reminders and updates on what we have been learning. 


    1. Field Trip- This upcoming Wednesday, September 29th to the PEAS Farm. We will leave our school, on walking feet, around 9:45am and will return in time for lunch. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and has a mask (and a spare!). 
    2. Picture day is October 4th!
    3. Special next week is Library. As always, please be sure your reader is bringing their library books back at the beginning of every week. 
    4. Happy birthday to Grace on Wednesday!


    In ELA this week we continued our Stellaluna unit. We added new vocabulary words and discussed the differences between informational and literary texts. In addition, we reviewed the elements of a story and learned about the central message of a story, or, what the author is trying to teach us. We have been practicing our “Magic “c” letters” which are those that are all formed by making a c first (a, c, d, g, o, and q). For work on writing, we wrote letters to someone. Children crafted beautiful letters, some in appreciation, some in reflection. We also started our IRLA assessments to determine where each reader is, what we can work on this year, and what books would best fit them! Readers created a “Roll and Read” game with short “a” and short “i” words such as cat, man, tin, fit, etc. Try to play a few times with your child over the next week! Noticing these patterns in words will greatly improve their decoding and fluency skills when reading. 

    In math this week, we learned about doubles and near doubles. For example, 2 + 2 is a double because both addends are the same. 2 + 3 is a near double because one of the addends is one more or one less than the other. We can easily solve a near double because we will memorize the double that is close to it, then add one. We can think of 2 + 3 as 2 + 2 + 1. To help us memorize these math facts we created a flip game! When your child brings these home, please support them in memorizing these math facts. This will help them solve harder problems in the future!


    As always, thank you for sharing your scholar with me!


    Ms. McGibben 

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  • Third Week Check-In

    Posted by Clarke McGibben on 9/17/2021 3:45:00 PM

    Hello First Grade Families,

    Another successful week! A few reminders and announcements...

    • On Wednesday, September 29th, we will be taking a field trip to the PEAS farm. We will be walking and leaving around 9:30am. We will return in time for lunch. Your child should wear comfortable shoes and be dressed appropriately for the weather. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, please email me at cmcgibben@mcpsmt.org.
    • Library books...please be sure your child is bringing back their book(s) each week. We have a new check out period every week and they will not be able to get new books without returning old ones. 
    • Water bottles. Please be sure your child has a water bottle each day. I encourage them to leave the bottle here and take it home on Friday to be washed. If you would prefer they take it home everyday, I totally understand, and your child can just let me know. We are not using water fountains at the moment due to COVID precautions. Thanks!
    • Picture Day! Picture day is October 4th. Mark your calendars! 


    This week we focused on our Daily 5. We practiced how to select books that fit us and our reading levels, reading to ourselves, word work, listening to reading, and work on writing. We made a collage about the elements of a story, using events, characters, and settings from “Stellaluna” and a “Toad and Frog” book from our current unit for inspiration. For word work, we familiarized ourselves with some of our worksheets and practiced building our words with magnet tiles, word tiles, playdoh, and more! In math we practiced “counting on.” For example, for 5 + 3, we wouldn’t need to put up 5 fingers then 3 fingers and count them all. We could just put up 3, say 5, and count on from there. Please ask your child about this and practice at home! 


    Wanting something more to do at home? If your child is still working on letter recognition, number recognition, or writing letters and numbers, these are great to practice. In addition, baking or cooking, counting dishes you are putting away, matching up socks, sorting shirts and pants and counting them up, and other household chores are great ways to work in math into everyday life! 

    I hope you have a great weekend! 


    Ms. McGibben 


    Brady's "Math Art"Math Art 2Math Art 3Word WorkClass Morphological ChartOur colorful classroom!Word WorkElements of a story

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  • Second Week in the Books!

    Posted by Clarke McGibben on 9/10/2021 3:45:00 PM

    Hello First Grade Families,

     Garden Learning

    Week two in the books! This week we crafted some folding paper math art, visited our garden and tried some yummy fresh vegetables (some of us planted them last spring!), did “show and share” with our “me” items, and continued on with our Stellaluna unit. Towards the end of the week, we started learning about “Word Work” and “Listen to Reading” for our Daily 5 practice. We are continuing to discuss how we move and learn within our community. One of our words this week was “brave.” We connected that to being brave at recess and asking a friend to play with you or asking to join in to play! 


    A quick THANK YOU to our fabulous PTA. I personally really appreciate the beautiful flowers you put in our spaces to begin the school year. In addition, the children brought in wonderful blooms throughout the week that really made our room pop with color! Please take a minute to read the letter in the BOOM folder to learn about the amazing things they are doing and have done for our community. 




    1. Water bottles. Children need water bottles everyday. If you are unable to provide one, please let me know. I encourage them to keep them at school and take them home on Friday.
    2. After some reflection, I will be sending home BOOM folders on Friday only. If you have a note or info to get to me before Thursday (when I probably have the time to look in the folders) please email or call. I cannot guarantee I will see it before the end of the week.
    3. Please return the BOOM folder on Mondays (or the first day of the following week). 
    4. Scholastic Book Orders! When you buy books, our class gets books! Please return the order (in BOOM fodler) by Monday, September 20th if you are interested in purchasing any books.
    5. Next week we have PE. Please have your child bring an extra pair of shoes. They can keep them in their cubby all week. 


    Please let me know if you have any questions! As always, it is a joy to be a part of your scholars' learning!



    Ms. McGibben 

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  • First week...check!

    Posted by Clarke McGibben on 9/3/2021 3:30:00 PM

    Thank You Custodians!Our class wrote letters of appreciation for our custodians who worked tirelessly over the summer to prepare our school for our return! We were able to hand deliver them today and they were so excited. We agreed it felt really good to do something nice for others!


    Dear First Grade Families,

    Whew! First week of first grade is done! I hope your child had a positive and fun week as we worked through the ups and downs of being back in school and adjusting to a new routine! 

    A few reminders…


    1-If your child has a getting home routine that changes often, please send me an email or call to let me know. If it’s easier, an email at the start of the week with all the info is great too!


    2-In lieu of homework, please be sure your child is reading 30 minutes a day. Whether they are being read to, listening to a story, or reading on their own (even just looking at pictures!) that is super beneficial. 


    3-We will begin using our computers soon. Children will need a set of headphones so that they can listen while not interrupting the rest of the class. If you are unable to provide a set, not a problem! Just email or call and I can track a pair down!


    4-Please have your child bring no more than 5 items in their “me bag” included in their Boom folder on Monday. We will keep them throughout the week as a few children share their items each day. 


    It is a joy to be working with your child this year! I am so excited for the fun times to come. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

    cmcgibben@mcpsmt.org or 728-2400 x4726



    Ms. McGibben (Clarke)


    PS-There is a little card in the Boom folder for your child...please help them open it and read it :) Thanks!



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