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  • Week of November 30th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 11/19/2020 3:00:00 PM


    I truly enjoyed meeting and talking with you this week for your child's conference. I appreciate the feedback and additional information that I learn about your child during our time together. Here are a few important notes for the next couple of weeks:
    • This week there is a reading log included in your child's folder.  One side gives lots of different ideas/variation of types of books to motivate your reader. On the other side is a log to record their time, books, etc. You may do the writing on this side.  The books may be ones that your child read and/or that you read to them.
    • Your child should be reading/being read to a minimum of 30 minutes a day in addition to their other school work.
    • Book orders need to be in tomorrow either be paper or online.
    • I would love if you could help your child with learning to tie their shoes and/or zip their coats- especially since we are trying to limit contact.
    Have a wonderful break and I'll see your kids in December.
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  • Week of November 16th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 11/12/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Important Notes for this week/Conferences:

    • Please sign up ASAP for your child's conference.  Use this link (copy and paste):
    • I will assume that you want to meet via Zoom if I don't hear otherwise from you.  I'll send out the link prior to our meeting.
    • Please load/set-up Zoom if needed on your device.
    • Report cards are being sent home Wednesday and Friday this week.  There are several papers. Please look over them in preparation for our conference.
    • Please remember that scores reflect progress towards an end of the year school goal. (Scores of 1s and 2s are normal.)
    • Please continue to do weekly work on Seesaw with your child.
    I look forward to meeting with you all.
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  • Conferences, etc.

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 11/5/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Dear Families,

    Here are a few important items:

    • I am currently scheduling conferences for the week of November 16th-20th.  Please use this link to sign up(copy and paste):
    • Please sign up ASAP. I will call next week if you haven't signed up for a time.
    • Included in this week's homework is a conference survey for you to fill out. Please return it with your child's homework next week. The information that you fill out will help to guide our conference.  The time slots are for 20 minutes, but we will only be meeting for 15 minutes of that time.
    • We started PE this week. Please make sure that your child has a pair of shoes that they can keep here or in their backpack to use on days that they wear boots to school.
    • Book Fair- Fact and Fiction online book fair is happening this week and next. Please see flier in your child's folder.
    • Homework- please make sure that you read over your child's homework with them so that they can complete all of the parts of it. Writing should be done in pencil. Please check for errors such as backwards numbers when they are done (misspellings are okay). Also, don't forget to complete Seesaw homework weekly.


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  • Halloween

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 10/21/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Your child may wear their costume on their second day of school next week. Please know that this varies between classes and grades and that it may be different for sibling classes.  It is also okay if your child does not want to wear their costume. We will be making animal masks as a grade so no worries if they don't have a costume. We will have some light snacks and games to celebrate.


    Here are our guidelines and expectations for that school day:

    • Costumes must conform to the Rattlesnake School Dress Code.
    • Costumes may not be demeaning to any ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, gender, or individual (staff or student) at the school.
    • Costumes may not cause a disruption or distraction to the school program.
    • No weapons, toy weapons, or props replicating weapons (sorry no light sabers either!) are to be brought to school.
    • No costumes are allowed that would completely hide the identity of the student, i.e. Hazmat suit, gorilla suit, "Scream" character. Face paint shouldn’t cover more than 50% of the face (again we want to know who you are).
    •  No full face masks are permitted (they may not be worn OR carried)
    Thanks and don't forgot to help your child with their Seesaw online lessons.
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  • Week of October 13th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 10/13/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Hello Families,

    Please remember:

    • There is no school for Group A tomorrow. Group B will come tomorrow.  The rest of the week there is NO SCHOOL.


    • Remember to have your child do their Seesaw homework every week in addition to their paper packet. Please let me know if you have any questions. There will be 3 new assignments this week.


    • We have been practicing the doubles math facts in class. You can help by quizzing your child and helping them to memorize them. This can be done in the car, at the table, or anywhere that you can think of.

    Thanks and have a great long weekend.

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  • Week of October 5th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 10/7/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Hello Families,

    I have 2 short messages for you.

    First of all, thanks for helping your child get onto Seesaw to complete their first remote lesson for last week's homework.  Please let me know if you are having difficulty. This week we will be adding 3 additional assignments. These are all to be completed in addition to their homework packets and are NOT optional.  I will be sending these to Group A today and to Group B on Friday.

    The other important message that I have for you is that school is for only one day next week. Group A will be on Tuesday and Group B will be on Wednesday only.  There will be no school on Thursday or Friday.

    Thanks and have a great week.


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  • Week of September 29th/Seesaw

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 9/30/2020 7:05:00 PM

    Hello Families,

    This week in your child's folder is information about Seesaw (our online platform for Remote Learning). Please keep this salmon colored sheet to use as a reference. Our first grade team has been introducing this in our classes and showing students how to use the various tools. We have found it very user friendly and a fun way for student's to share their work remotely as well as keep a journal for you to view their work.  This week we would like you and and your child to login through Clever and complete 1 simple name activity in addition to their packet of homework.  Please let me know of any complications. I have found that the students were very good problem solvers as we worked through various activities together.  

    *** Group B- we will be working on this in class this week and the information will come home with your child on Friday.

    **Please contact the office and ask for Erin if your family would like to check out a device. We have limited devices available at this time.

    I want to let you all know how much I am enjoying your wonderful children. They continue to demonstrate such resiliency, flexible, and joy.  Towards the end of the week I'll share some pictures of recent art projects that I have hung in our classroom.  Thanks for your assistance at home to help them be successful this school year.

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  • Open House

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 9/30/2020 7:00:00 PM

    Here is a link to my virtual Open House:

    Please let me know if you are unable to view it.

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  • First Day

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 8/31/2020 2:00:00 PM

    Thanks so much for helping prepare your children for their first day of school last week. I am so happy to report that they were great at wearing their masks all day, distancing, keeping hands and spaces clean, and had great excited attitudes. Here are a few of their quotes:

    “This is actually really fun.”

    “I was nervous but now I feel happy.”

    “My teacher is nice.”

    “I am so happy that I have a friend in my class.”

    “I can see the moon when I swing high.”

    “I’ve never seen these (new) balls before.”

    “I can’t wait to come back to school again.”

    I realized that we will be needing additional boxes to store all of their supplies. This is because our classroom does not have desks and in the past we shared supplies. I am asking that you send your child with a plastic lidded shoebox to school when you are able.  This size will allow room for everything that they will need during the school day. This box is in addition to a supply box/pencil case which you may have already sent them with. We will then store these on a shelf in their lockers/cubbies.

    Other important Information:

    • Last week I sent home a “Me Bag” for them to fill up with objects that tell about them. Please have your child practice sharing with you while wearing their mask so that they are prepared to share with our class.
    • Homework will only be given in paper format at this time. At the end of our 2 days together your child will be given a packet of work. This packet is intended for them to work on for 1-1.5 hours of time at home on the 2 days that they are not at school. Mondays are currently a day off for students. There are challenges/extensions included that are optional based on your child’s needs which are determined by you at this time.
    • My understanding is that we have not received all of the computers which were ordered. They may be coming as late as the end of October. In the meantime, we will be teaching students in class how to use Seesaw, which they will eventually use on remote learning days.
    • Please send an email to me with any other questions that you might have at this time.
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  • Week of June 1st

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 6/1/2020 9:30:00 AM

    This is our last week of Remote Learning. This week's lessons are a review of concepts that have been previously taught.  Use it as a guide to keep your learner in the "groove", especially if you plan to continue with some sort of learning over the summer.

    Important Notes:
    • There will be a reverse parade on Thursday from 6-6:30. Please look for more information from our principal. I will plan to be there.
    • Student belongings pick-up will be next Monday from 1-3. I also plan on being there.
    • Student questions from last week- I was happy to hear from most of you and still need to respond to all of your questions. Thanks for keeping your kids engaged and in touch with me.
    • Wednesday meeting will be at 10. Please have your child prepared to share something that they are excited to do for summer. They can bring props and dress up too if they would like. This will be our last meeting.
    Thanks for a great year and your work during our Remote Learning.  I appreciate you all and hope you have a great summer.
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