• Homework Tips

    Posted by Sara Ibis on 9/18/2019 11:25:00 AM

    Here are some helpful homework hints: 

    • Links to audio versions of all of our books, including Night of the Spadefoot Toads, are available under the tab called Novel Read Alouds to the left of this message. Students are encouraged to use these videos to complete their reading assignments.
    • Links to math tutorials are available under the Helpful Math Links tab to the left of this message. These are especially helpful for parents since the strategies taught through Common Core math are so different than the way we learned math as kids. 
    • Set a timer for math homework. I highly recommend talking about what you think, as a family, is a reasonable amount of math time. Set a timer for that amount of time and only work for that long. Encourage your student to communicate with me about your timer discussion. 
    • Prioritize math problems. If your child is really struggling, have them complete the numerical problems first, then challenge themselves with one of the word problems. It is okay to skip the last problem. 
    • Encourage your child to use class time responsibly. Students have at least 30 minutes everyday to work on math and reading homework. I've noticed that students who use this time responsibly often complete a significant portion, if not all, of their homework. 

    I know the rigor of 5th grade homework can be a bit of shock for kids and parents alike, but the last few years of shown me that, after a few weeks, everyone adjusts to the routine. Thank you for your patience and encouragement! 

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  • What we're learning Sept. 16-27

    Posted by Sara Ibis on 9/16/2019 7:30:00 PM

    Thank you for supporting our class with supply donations! I deeply appreciate your generosity!

    We're going on our first Traveling Classroom trips of the school year on October 9 and 16 to Rattlesnake Creek. I am looking for 2-3 volunteer chaperones for each morning (9:15-11:00ish) to help with our science investigation. If you are interested, please email me at sibis@mcpsmt.org. 

    Here's what we're doing September 16-27


    • Examining the molecules of matter
    • Investigating the physical and chemical changes of matter

    Homework: None planned

    Assessments: None planned

    What state of matter is slime?


    • Comparing and ordering decimal fractions to the thousandth place
    • Adding and subtracting decimal fractions
    • Multiplying decimal fractions

    Homework: Lessons 5-12 (one per day, due every morning)

    Assessments: Daily entrance tickets; Game of Life; Hotel Project due week of 9/30

    English Language Arts

    • Night of the Spadefoot Toads: Analyzing character, setting, plot and theme 
    • Creative narratives based on Night of the Spadefoot Toads

    Homework: Read 1-2 chapters each night

    Assessments: Daily reflection questions

    Social Studies

    • Synthesizing information and thinking critically about varying perspectives on Christopher Columbus 
    • Age of Discovery perspectives project
    • Constitution Day guest teachers on Tuesday, September 17

    Homework: Age of Discovery project due mid-October 

    Upcoming Events

    Oct. 3 - Picture Day

    Oct. 9 - Traveling Classroom to Rattlesnake Creek (9:15-10:15)

    Oct. 16 - Traveling Classroom to Rattlesnake Creek (9:15-11:00)

    Oct. 17-18 - No School

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  • What we're learning: Sept. 3-13

    Posted by Sara Ibis on 9/3/2019 11:00:00 AM


    We need a few science supplies - can you help our class? We need:

    -measuring cups and spoons

    -food coloring

    -ziplock bags (quart or gallon)

    If you are able to make a donation, please send items to school with your child this week. Most items cannot be returned. Thank you for supporting our work!

    Here's what we're learning September 3-13.


    • We'll use the work of Boyan Slat to learn more about the the Scientific and Engineering Practices
    • What is matter? 
    • States of Matter investigations

    Homework: None planned

    Assessments: None planned


    • Using a place value chart
    • Multiplying and dividing by base ten

    Homework: Lessons 1-5 (one per day starting 9/9, due every morning)

    Assessments: Unit 1 pre-test, daily entrance tickets

    *reminder: Helpful videos for ALL of our math lessons and homework can be found by clicking the Helpful Math Links box to the left.

    English Language Arts

    • Novel study on Night of the Spadefoot Toads
    • Using text evidence to answer questions in writing and verbally
    • Creating a narrative

    Homework: 1 chapter of Night of the Spadefoot Toads each night (starting 9/9)

    Assessments: Daily entrance tickets 

    Social Studies

    • Text analysis
    • The Voyage of Columbus and the Early Explorers

    Homework: Columbus reading due 9/13

    Assessments: None planned

    In case you missed it... MCPS Trustees approved adjustments to the school calendar for the Preschool Program, Early Kindergarten Program, as well as all elementary, middle and urban high schools. The calendar change does not impact Seeley Swan High School.

    MCPS was selected to host the AA and Class C high schools state track meets on May 22 & 23, 2020, as well as the state AA Softball tournament to occur the same weekend. Given the large amount of students who may participate in these events as well as the staff who will help support the events as volunteers, Friday May 22, 2020 will now be an unscheduled/no school day for K-12, and the last day of the school year will be modified to June 11, 2020.

    All new calendars can be found on the School Year Calendars page.

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  • Welcome to 5th Grade!

    Posted by Sara Ibis on 7/17/2019 3:45:00 PM

    The first day of school is August 28th!
    I am so excited to have you in my class this year. Take a minute to look around the class webpage and, parents, be sure to save this page to your Favorites and check back often. Be on the look for a welcome letter with more information about me and fifth grade shortly before the school year begins.

    Back to School Night
    Come meet me and see our classroom on Tuesday, August 27th from 5-6 pm. You can drop off your school supplies at this time too. I can't wait to meet you!

    Class blog and Communication
    This is the first post of 2019-2020 class blog. I update the blog every 1-2 weeks with what we're learning, upcoming Traveling Classroom events and other information. Please check back often. Parents, the website is my primary means of communication but I will also send email updates every 2-3 weeks, and before special events, via Blackboard Mass Notification. 

    School Supply List
    You can click here to find out what supplies you will need this year. Since the lists are a little different depending on your teacher, I recommend waiting until you know what class you are in to buy supplies. We do not share folders, notebooks, headphones or pencil pouches, so those you can label with your name, but everything else (markers, glue, scissors, etc) we share, so please don't label those supplies. We are super limited with storage in our classroom, so I strongly recommend a soft pencil pouch that will fit inside your seat sack. If possible, please include headphones. Have fun shopping!

    Bus Route Information
    You can click here to find out more information about the bus route.

    Parent Volunteers
    We have many exciting events happening this year. If your parent(s) or guardian(s) would like to volunteer in the classroom or go on a Traveling Classroom trip, they must fill out a parent volunteer form prior to the event. You can click here to find the volunteer form.

    Information about 5th Grade
    Your homework will vary throughout the year. You should read at least 45 minutes every night. You will also have math homework almost every night. In addition, you will have research projects, writing assignments, and other projects due throughout the year. Math homework is taken as a completion grade. Students who finish all of their nightly homework will earn a place in the monthly Homework Club.

    Students will receive a new assignment planner each trimester. You are responsible for keeping track of assignments and I encourage parents to check the planner nightly (I do not require a parent signature or anything like that).

    If you are absent, you are responsible for completing missed work. If you miss 1 day, you have 1 day to complete your work.

    Google Apps, including Google Classroom, Slides, and Docs, will be integrated into our classroom this year. Every 5th grader has a MCPS email address that allows him/her to access Google Apps except Gmail. Google Classroom and Google Suite will be used during school and can be accessed outside of school from any location with internet. You will be able to watch educational videos about the subjects we are covering, turn in assignments, and ask me for help. In addition, you will learn how to respectfully and responsibly communicate in a safe online environment. Everything in Google Apps will be closely monitored by myself, the other 5th grade teachers, and Mrs. Nygren.

    Birthdays will be celebrated with a game or another fun activity of your choosing. Please, no treats. Students with summer birthdays (June 13-August 29) will celebrate their half birthday. 

    In keeping with the MCPS technology policy, cell phones and smart watches may only be used before and after school. I recommend students keep phones turned off or on airplane mode and in their backpacks during the school day. Smart watches, similarly, should be kept in airplane mode during the school day. 

    Important Dates

    First day: August 28

    No School: September 2 (Labor Day)

    Early Out every Thursday: K-3 dismissed at 2:00, 4-5 dismissed at 2:30


    Contact Ms. Ibis

    1220 Pineview Dr, Missoula, MT 59802



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