• Welcome to my website! I am thrilled to be teaching 1st grade at Paxson. 
    A little about myself...
    I was born in Cuba, and came to the United States in 1969. I lived in New Jersey for most of my life.  My family and I moved to Montana in 2002.  I have three adult children: Lauren, Stephanie, and Christopher.  I also have two grandchildren, Luke and Summer.
    After graduating from the University of Montana in 2007, I taught 2nd grade for six years in Frenchtown. I completed my masters in Integrating Arts in Education at U of M in 2018. This is my 9th year teaching at Paxson.
    I am so excited to be teaching Spanish as a second language.  I have always felt that learning a second language was most successful when taught at a young age...the younger the better!  
     headshot of Mrs. Schell smiling with long brown hair