• Emily Culkin
    Welcome, RiverHawks!
    This is my eighth year working as a School Counselor within Missoula County Public Schools.
    The Counseling Program at Jeannette Rankin includes lessons on social emotional skills (coping with feelings, problem solving strategies, friendship), academic success (goal setting) and career development (career exploration) for all students in grades K-5.  Sometimes, students may need additional support beyond classroom lessons to make sure they are in the right space to learn and play.  Small groups are available on an as needed basis.    These supports are short-term, solution focused and skill based.  If you would like to connect or need strategies to support your child I can be reached at eeculkin@mcpsmt.org Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00.  If you would like to connect through a phone call, please e-mail me to set up a scheduled time.
    A little bit about me: I recieved my Masters in K-12 School Counseling at the University of Montana.  When I am not supporting students, I enjoy trail runnning, hiking or skiing with my dog!
    I look forward to supporting your child this school year!
    - Emily