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Reading Options and Contests
 Congratulations to Katniss Everdeen
Book Madness 2016 Character Winner 

Introducing Missoula County Public Schools High School Ebooks and Audiobooks
To Access Materials: 
Students: Enter 2050000 plus your 7 digit school ID number (ex. 20500001009999)
Staff: Enter 205000000 plus your 5 digit staff ID number (Ex. 20500000099999) 

ViTTT sit Teens' Top Ten for 2016's list of nominees for this year's contest of favorites by teens across the nation. 
Celebrate the Freedom to Read
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, the national book community’s celebration of the freedom to read. Check out this timeline of a collection of significant and challenged books.For each year from 1982 to 2012,  one book is highlighted which was banned from some library or school or challenged in that particular year. In most cases, these books faced significant controversy that spanned numerous years. The timeline presents only a sample of particularly notable challenges to particularly notable books during this period.  
Watch John Greene response to Looking for Alaska making the most challenged book.
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